Name Address
City Contact No. Map
1 Mother Station M/s AGL, 247/1 & 248/1, Sector-E, Industrial Area, Sanwer Road, Indore, M.P INDORE 9111013615 View Map
 2  AICTSL, Ring Road  M/s AGL, 235, Ring road, Near Malviya Nagar Square, AICTSL City Bus Depot, Indore, M.P   INDORE  9111013612  View Map 
PTS, Musakhedi  M/s IOCL, Police Welfare Filling Station, Eastern Ring Road, Musakhedi, PTS, Indore, M.P   INDORE 7049154629  View Map 
4 R.B.Filling M/s BPCL, R.B.Filling, Survey no.585/5, Mangalnagar Sukhaliya, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2559160 View Map
5 Kakashri Fuel Centre M/s IOCL, Kakashri Fuel Centre, K.NO 134/2/2 & 135/2/2 Revti Range, Sanwer Road, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2729078 View Map
6 Kimti Brothers M/s HPCL, Kimti Brothers, KH.No.486/1 204 Dhar Road, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2385694 View Map
7 15 Battalion S.A.F Police Welfare filling Station M/s IOCL, 15th Battalion S.A.F Police Welfare Filling Station, KH.NO 140/1, MAHESH GUARD LINE, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2453077 View Map
8 Sai Prem Filling Stattion M/s BPCL, Sai Filling Station Sh. No 71 Nr Chandan Nagar Police Station, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2389333 View Map
9 Shakti Fuel Station M/s HPCL, Shakti Fuel Station, 22A, 23B, Vijay Udyog Nagar, Teen Imli, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-4053148 View Map
10 Supreme Auto Centre M/s HPCL, Supreme Auto Centre, Agra Bombay Rd, Niranjanpur, Dewas Naka, Lasudia Mori, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-4096218 View Map
11 G.C Auto M/s HPCL, G.C Auto, Scheme 71, Sukhnivas Road, Gumasta Nagar, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-4077758 View Map
12 Bhavani Shankar Petroleum Co. M/s IOCL, Bhavani Shankar Petroleum Co., Tejaji Nagar, Khandwa Road, Indore M.P. INDORE 9425081555 View Map
13 Malviya Petrol pump M/s, IOCL, Malviya Petrol Pump, Service Rd, Near Hotel Radisson, Scheme No.54, Malviya Nagar, Indore, M.P. INDORE 7999647097 View Map
14 Kashyap & Company M/s HPCL, Kashyap & Company, Shop No: 204, Jawahar Marg, North Rajmohalla, Raj Mohalla, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2412443 View Map
15 Pratham kisan Seva kendra M/s IOCL, Pratham kisan Seva kendra, Survey No. 740/2, Village Rangwasa, Rau-Rangwasa Road, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2857270 View Map
16 Paints & Petroleum M/s HPCL, Paints and Petroleum Product, 26/27 Kibe Compoud, Madhumilan, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2707010 View Map
17 Anya Engeries M/s HPCL, Anya Engeries, Depalpur road, Gandhi Nagar, Indore, M.P INDORE 0731-2882444 View Map
18 POSS Fuel Station M/s IOCL, POSS Fuel Station,531/1/3, Nimava Road, Palda, Indore, M. P INDORE 9826903993 View Map
19 Uttam Petro Point M/s HPCL, Uttam Petro Point, Survey Bno 117/1, Sutar Khedi, Mhow-Simrol Road, Mhow M.P INDORE 7354500000 View Map
20 Madhur Fuel Station M/s HPCL, Madhur Fuel Station, Plot No. 9, Sch. No. 94K, Near Rajiv Gandhi Square, Indore, M.P INDORE 9713021451 View Map
21 GC Auto, Mhow M/s HPCL, Gopikishan Chhogalal HSD, Rasalpura Mhow Indore, Agra-Bombay Road, Harnya Khedi, M.P.  INDORE 9826677758 View Map
22 Mahesh Auto And Services M/s, IOCL, Mahesh Auto and Services, 8-A, RNT Marg, Tukoganj, Indore, M.P. INDORE 9425072233 View Map
23 Maa Parvati Fuel Point M/s, HPCL, Maa Parvati Fuel Point, Village Pipliyakumar Near Bhawan Prominent School, Nipania, Indore, M.P. INDORE 9630977777 View Map
24 ML& Sons  M/s ML& Sons, AB Road, Navlakha Square, Angad Kapoor Region, Doordarshan Kendra, Navlakha, Indore, M.P. INDORE 0731-2400154 View Map